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released November 21, 2012

Recorded May 2012 in Brighton, MA with Doug and Justin
Vocals and Mastering done November 2012 in Grafton, MA at Chub City Studios

Lyric Credits:
Real Talk - "Stumble and Rumble" credited to "Party Foul" made famous by Villain

Scumrunner 2012 - "Where Pratt and Ashford terrace meet" credited to "Allston Violence" made famous by Toxic Narcotic

Certain clips in "Scumrunner 2012" taken from "The Message" made famous by Grandmaster Flash



all rights reserved


STREETSWEEPER Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Hardcore with that NYHC/ heavy rock backbone.

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Track Name: Let It Ride
What do you think this is fucking sane to me?
Yea, I got more problems then you all might think.
Because day in and out I've got it all figured out - So I just sit back and roll out.
What's the deal? Ya'll can't feel?
All these first world problems- you just gotta deal!

So I just back and watch.
Because we all fall victim to this.
And maybe someday you'll just understand- you just gotta, gotta let it fucking ride!

Until you die.
I'll just let it ride.

I, let it ride.
You, let it slide.

Gotta get it off my chest and keep it moving till days fucking end.

Let it fucking Ride!
Track Name: Real Talk
Put the real in the talk, because you've never seen this side of me.
Stumble and rumble, yeah I am pressing on while you retreat.
Because I know then, you were just trying to style on me.
But now you burn, because when people turn there's lessons learned.

Put the real in the talk
For you to, see.

Now is then, to you show your face in present day.
Nothing but a sucker, you're stubborn in your own ways
But what did you think? we would just carry on?
Now is now, so get up and be gone.

I am not giving up son.
For you to see, me.

This is the end of you my friend. No use in hating- ill go with the flow-I now see what you are to me. Nothing but a chump for all to see.
Track Name: Be Right, Be Tight
The sleeping mind, it comes alive. So what's stopping me, from getting to you.
Because in the dead of night, yea the grip is tight- there's no way to escape from this.
And when you think, you'll be just fine- there's a flash back, back to reality.
But there's nothing in the way, just get away. you're gonna be hunted, hunted just like prey.

Yea the sleeping mind, it never dies. Always succumb to what is right.
You got no choice, just to cease and avoid. Try to figure out in hindsight.
So then you talk, and when you talk you walk. So best be right- best be tight.
There's people who come and go but we all know- you were never there, you were never fucking there.

Just because you say it doesn't mean I fucking forget it.
Track Name: Revivalist
The worlds got me down and I got no where to turn.
All these uptight people, they will never learn- so I.
Get on my way and pop my phones on and take me to a place where I truly belong inside.

Revivalist, bring me back to my feet

People saying that we don't fit in. We're partying hard, we're out to win.

Revivalist, bring me back to my feet.

Nothing is stopping me when there's jams on the mix.
Going to shows and hitting the pit because- there's nothing like it when you're hearing these riffs.
Because when the weekend comes, there's hardcore on the fucking, beat.

Revivalist its whats get me on my feet and I know why man it gets me through the week.

Revivalist bring me back to my feet
Revivalist gets me through the fucking week
Track Name: Scumrunner 2012
Staring me down, I'm this weeks freak
Watching my back, mob of creeps
Uniforms in the streets
Where Identity and thought retreats

Looking for my eyes but my gaze is low
Leave alone I'm not part of your show
Uniforms in the streets
Where Identity and thought retreats

The night is young and so is your prey
The "wicked drunk" and the underage
Frat Boys
Where Pratt and Ashford Terrace Meet
Looking for a fag, someone to beat on
someone all alone, running of the scum